Dear Closet Carpenters: My husband and I attended your concert this week in Linden and we enjoyed it so much. We were both Carpenters fans way back and still are. Your voice is so lovely and sweet to listen to (just like Karen’s) and the band sounds exactly like listening to the old Carpenter’s records. I was especially in awe of the harmonies of the vocals. ......Have you ever met Richard Carpenter and/or is he aware of this wonderful thing which you do?
Looking forward to seeing you again whenever you play in the area.
Thank you for a perfect ending of summer vacation.

Teri N.
Rockaway, NJ

“Congrats on your first and very amazing show. I was bursting with pride and so happy for the entire band. A lot of hard work and effort went into this project and it came through with flying colors last night. Wishing all of you a ton of success and many sold-out shows in the future. Love you guys!!” Diana R.
“I found myself totally getting lost in the music.... I loved this a 1,000,000 times more than I thought.... each song brought me to a different place in my life... love the Carpenters, always did--- don't mind saying it to the WORLD!!!GREAT JOB GUYS!!! You moved me deeply!” Victor M.
 "I really enjoyed it. Both the vocal arrangements and execution were fantastic! Hope you are able to do more shows and add Calling Occupants."  Ric S.
"Hey Jody, what an AWESOME show! Still getting rave reviews... please thank the guys, and let me know if you're looking to set something up in the new year.  Crossroads Management
“You guys rocked last night! So wonderful to see everyone and hear some fantastic music” Crystal H.
“What an amazing debut. So proud of you for pulling off this show. Don't be fooled...the music is REALLY hard to reproduce. Love you and Congrats”     Wayne L.
“Amazing. Absolutely amazing. The talent, planning, and endless practice was obvious. It was an honor to be there for your debut show. I hope you enjoy much success, you deserve it.” Roger R.
“Amazing show! Thoroughly inspiring! Thanks for sharing some beautiful music with Garwood tonight.”      Dan E.
“Great Show, Guys! It's time to come outta the Closet!!” Phil M.
“Absolutely AMAZING show! LOVED it! Thank you for a fun, feel good night with GREAT music!” Stacy S.B.
“That was a great show! I can't believe I still have all those lyrics stuck in the folds of my gray matter! Just proves how big a fan I was. Hope to see you guys again soon!” Patty A.
“Great show guys !!! Thoroughly entertaining and loved the ride down memory lane! Can't wait for the next show!"  Marcy W.R.
“Had a great time last night. It was a great show and here's to many more!”
Tom M.