Closet Carpenters Perform @ Brook Arts Center

Brook Arts Center, 10 Hamilton Street, Bound Brook, NJ

Join CLOSET CARPENTERS at the beautiful Brook Arts Center in Bound Brook, NJ on Sunday, March 22. This historic theater was built in 1926 and functioned as a Vaudeville Movie House - it is now hosting a series of Tribute bands. Almost completely decimated by Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Irene, the interior was beautifully renovated, preserving this treasure for future generations! CLOSET CARPENTERS takes pride in the rock 'n roll flavor and energy they bring to these classic hits, more like a "Live" Carpenters concert experience. They are authentically recreated and arranged true to the originals, with a little extra umph and dynamics brought to the table by 7 musicians from a rock 'n roll background!

Gaslight Entertainment presents CLOSET CARPENTERS @ The Westfield Concert Series

Westfield Woman's Club, 28 Court Street, Westfield, MA

For the first time ever, national performing talent will be coming to Westfield, Massachusetts on a regularly scheduled basis. Gaslight Entertainment is proud to present “The Westfield Concert Series,” which will be held at the unique and historic Westfield Woman's Club.

Built 100 years ago, the Westfield Woman's Club, located at 28 Court Street in downtown Westfield, is a performance space seating 250-300 people, creating an intimate setting to see some of the best touring artists on a local stage.